Athens is the capital of the Prefecture of Athens, the Region of Athens as well as the whole of Greece. It is located in the Central Greece and constitutes a robust economic, cultural and administrative centre of the country. The city was named after the Goddess Athena, which was the city’s patron. Nowadays, Athens is a modern, but also famous city, due to the crucial role that the city played in the antiquity as a city-state. Today it is a very important cultural centre and is considered the most historic city in Europe. It is worldwide famous for its historical monuments which have survived, though only partially, the lapse of many centuries. The port city of this historical city was the port of Piraeus.




Ancient Greece referred to Athens in plural as «Athinai» and in the 19th century this name was once again the official name of the city. In the 1970s, when the use of the “Katharevousa” (i.e. a puristic dialect combining modern and ancient Greek) was abolished, the city acquired its current name “Athena”, i.e. Athens.

The city covers an area of 412,000,000 square meters located between four mountains: Mount Aegaleo, Mount Parnitha, Mount Penteli and Mount Hymettus. The population of Athens reaches almost 1/3 of the total population of Greece and according to the census of 2001 it amounts to 3,361,806 people. This means that in every square km live 8,160 individuals. The city centre lies 20 m above sea level and the morphology of the Athens plain presents a great variety that includes both hills and some mountainous areas.

Athens is highly urbanized and quite expensive; still it offers some beautiful parks and forests in the nearby mountains. During the past few years many projects were implemented aiming mainly at solving the problems arising by this metropolitan development philosophy. Consequently Athens tries to follow the development model of many other well-known metropolises around the globe.

Entrust yourselves to our company and let us guide you and your children or friends in Athens. Visit some archaeological sites, museums, zoos (Attica Zoo) and enjoy your shopping in some of the city’s malls (Athens Mall, Athens Golden Hall) or make a gift to your kids by sending them to the famous amusement park "Allou Fun Park".


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